Anything that gives a direct or indirect indication of how the consciousness works and unveils the mechanisms of the mind is an Absolute Value to me. By saying “mind” here I imply the complex interconnection of physical and mental processes that form the world of each human being. Assigning a meaning, craving, aversion, all reactions, and everything else is the result of their work.

The fact that these “mechanisms” exist, by itself, unfolds a space, a structure, a scene where something is already existing, something is happening, something is transforming. And consequently this leads to the one and the only question: who is the Spectator here?

It’s not the intellectual understanding that represents the real value, what matters is the immediate experience as such. The observation of the work of these mechanisms in my mind, the sense of this space helps to feel the whole composition, the scene, and finally look into where I think this Spectator should be. At this point I experience an insight, which means the world to me. 

So my short term goals is to digitize my physical works and express myself with digital/mixed medium. To focus on video art, motion design and sound design. But my general idea is to create Art Objects that could be a kind of conductor for audience to discover their own inner infinity beauty of consciousness.