I am working on integration of physical art objects with digital. In some of works I used my physical ink pictures and videos as patterns or keyframes to create a video art objects. Sound is also important here. I use a couple of noise generators, samples and synthesizers.


This work is part of my “Invited to Being” Project that is focused on consciousness and evolution of us as a mankind. In this piece I consider one of our senses, vision, as one of the foundations and instruments of our consciousness.

NFT: MP4 1280×520 px, 30 fps
Year: 2021



I aim to evoke a strong resonance or response of Viewer by non-figurative abstract images with distinct but meaningless structure.

The main point here is that more abstract images produce the strongest neuro response. I’m looking for the most powerful triggers for this.

Dotwork-5 is based on my physical dotwork images that were digitized and used as keyframes for this work.

Keyframe painting: Ink on cardboard 30×40 cm
NFT: Video 24fps 1920×1080px with sound

Year: 2021


Dotwork-7 // Static (click to open)

Dotwork-7 is digitized physical piece.

Source Painting: Ink on paper 20×30 cm
NFT: PNG 2454×3468 px

Year: 2021


Metamorphoses. Dotwork-7  

“Metamorphoses. Dotwork-7” is digitized physical piece.

Source Painting: Ink on paper 20×30 cm
NFT: MP4 760×1080 px, 25 fps
Year: 2021