Alex VB (@koxbox)

MIxed Media Artist

My areas of interest are: self-awareness, discovering the conditioning of the mind and “I” phenomenon, “We” as mankind, how we develop and what influence we have. This defines the main themes of my works:

  • interconnection of physical and mental processes, and mechanisms of the mind,  
  • mankind evolution and its correlation with social and cultural paradigm, 
  • our identity, the influence we have on our own selves, the environment and other species.

I do not focus on one technique and work with different mediums: oil, ink, photography and collage, sound design. These days I’m working on assemblage and sculpture and generative art as nft.  

You can see my works in Gallery and NFT sections.


Currently three projects are work in progress.

Super Stimuli

Why do abstract images trigger the most powerful neural response? Reflecting on the perception of non-figurative images and structures, I look for these most acute stimuli, trying to understand the nature of this neural response.  

Lost (draft title)

Images of, alas, impending memories of lost species as their real appearance faded through the ages.  

Invited to Being

Thinking of the correlation between the level of development of society, technology, and science and the state of our morals, ethics, and biology.  


For about 20 years I worked in the digital sphere, working in international teams in Russia and Eastern Europe. 

A few years ago I decided to quit my digital career and embrace visual art as a more relevant field for me.  


2019 — Project Thinking: The City. The course by Ekaterina Vasilyeva. St. Petersburg

2019 — Genres of photography in the XXI century. The course by Ekaterina Vasilieva. St. Petersburg  

2018 — Seeing Through Photographs. Сoursera’s online education course by MoMA.


2019PRIVATE web publication. “Non-Site. Town of Shlisselburg.”

2019. Elysium Gallery / ESPY Photography Award 2019 shortlisted with a part of “Non-Site” Project.